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What are FAECs and why are they so important in our recipes?🐶

Get to know our FAECs

At Lenda Company we are characterised by our constant search for the best food for our dogs and cats through innovation and improvement of our recipes. And in this process of constant improvement, our exclusive FAECs are born! But… what are FAECs? What is their function? Why do they play such an important role in […]

How to detect and respond to heat stroke

How to detect and respond to heat stroke

Once you know how to prevent heat stroke, you may still find yourself in this situation one day. That’s why it’s essential to know what the warning signs are and how to act in order to save your furry friend’s life.  How to detect heat stroke If you are suspicious, it is essential to know […]

🐕🐈I have a talent❗❗😎

Who doesn’t know about talent shows? In all of them their participants are people who are going to demonstrate their talent or ability but sometimes they aren’t the only participants as they can come with their pets, with which they perform a unique show, which leaves everyone speechless, today we show you three shows that […]

Do you know about Monte Aloia? Today we present it to you

Monte Aloia

Today, May 24th is the European day of the parks, in Galicia there are a total of six natural parks, but the first one to have this denomination was the Monte Aloia. The Monte Aloia was first declared a Natural Site of National Interest in 1935, and was finally declared a Natural Park in 1978. It is located in the […]

How are you currently with a guide dog?¡Here we explain it to you!🦮

How are you currently with a guide dog

Today, 27th of april, we celebrate de international day of the guide dog and we like to speak about of their amazing work of this dogs What is a guide dog? The guide dog or assistance dogs are dogs specifically trained to help and accompany a one person with visual disability, improving their autonomy and […]

Lenda participates at Interzoo 2022, get your tickets

Interzoo 2022

From Lenda Company we would like to announce our participation in one of the biggest international events in the pet food industry: Interzoo 2022, which will take place in Nuremberg, Germany from the 24th to the 27th of May. We are going to present our biggest brands such as Lenda, L-UNICO, SuperPepe and our innovative product line Lenda VET Nature. We […]

What to do when two dogs being to fight?🐕🐩

What to do when two dogs being to fight

A fight between dogs is a moment of tension in which we can feel blocked, not knowing what to do. First we will analyse some of the reasons why our dog may fight and then what we should do to alleviate these situations  Causes of fighting A dog may fight for reasons of hierarchy, whether […]

😄The cutest cat reaction while being a cutting an onion🔪🧅

The cutest cat reaction while onion cutting an onion

A few days ago, a video from the social network Tik Tok went viral, in which the cutest cat reacts in which it ends up crying because of an onion. In this video the cat called Lola was on the counter while they were cutting vegetables and when it came to the turn of the […]

How to tell if your pet is suffering from stress at home🐶🐱🏠

How to tell if your pet is suffering from stress at home

The Symptoms of stress in dogs and cats are very diverse but something in common is found in our furry “rare or stranger”, expressing attitudes not usual in it. The dogs and the cats have some symptoms in common, such as excessive scratching, compulsive body licking and even biting, excessive scratching, compulsive body licking and even biting, sometimes resulting in injuries. This attitude […]