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Who doesn’t know about talent shows? In all of them their participants are people who are going to demonstrate their talent or ability but sometimes they aren’t the only participants as they can come with their pets, with which they perform a unique show, which leaves everyone speechless, today we show you three shows that are unique.

 The great showcase of all the talents is America’s Got Talent, so in the 2018 edition, a group of cats appeared who are the Savitsky Cats, who perform a show of different acrobatics that left everyone speechless but what is their particularity that teaching a cat is much more complicated than a dog.

This group did a total of three performances, which you can see below which were the audicionthe judges’ courts and the quarter finals.

Moving on to America’s Got Talent, we have Oscar, who is a dog that sings when Pam, who is his owner, starts playing the piano. This talent was discovered a year and a half before the audition and it was because she was playing the piano in her living room and she started to sing, after that they started to train this talent.

They did a total of two performances, although only the audition video is available, they made it all the way to the judges’ cut where they were eliminated

But in Spain we aren’t left behind. In the seventh edition of Got Talent España, Jana and Laura, a dog and her owner, performed a dance show to demonstrate everything that can be done with a dog.

But they had a much more important message, and it was to put the focus on the dogs that unfortunately are abandoned, but what was their passage through the contest, because they reached the final. We leave you the video of their auditionthe semifinal and the final. 

We hope that all these performances have brought a smile to your face or left you speechless like the members of the different competitions

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