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Do you know about Monte Aloia? Today we present it to you

Monte Aloia

Today, May 24th is the European day of the parks, in Galicia there are a total of six natural parks, but the first one to have this denomination was the Monte Aloia.

The Monte Aloia was first declared a Natural Site of National Interest in 1935, and was finally declared a Natural Park in 1978.

It is located in the southwest of Galicia, and among its six viewpoints located throughout the park you can see the Miño River and its mouth, the neighbouring Portugal, the Galiñeiro and Groba mountain ranges and, finally, the Cies Island 

This area has been habited since the times of the Celts, as it is said that this may be the famous Monte Medulio, among its archaeological heritage is the Castro dos Altos Cubos from between the 2nd century BD and 3rd century AD. Among its methods of defence is its Cyclopean wall which is the longest in Galicia, which is partially preserved. 

There are also religious buildings such as the hermitage of San Xiao which dates from the 16th century over a church of Roman origin, but was enlarged in 1713, near the church is located the bed of San Xiao which is a rock with a strange shape in which legends say that San Xiao rested.

Rafael Areses Vidal, a forestry engineer originally from this same town council, left a strong mark on the area before it became a Natural Park. In 1906 he started up the Areas forest nursery and in 1909 he began reforesting the Monte Aloia, he also designed the forest house and nursery of the park which is the current interpretation centre. 

And finally  we invite you to visit this marvellous place. 

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