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🤔What happens if your dog eats your cat’s food?🐶😺

Although they may appear similar in some respects, dogs and cats, as the different species they are, have very different nutritional needs. Among many other things, cats, unlike dogs, are strict carnivores and cannot synthesise taurine naturally, so it must be provided in their diet.

However, as you will know if you live with dogs and cats, it is common for one to have an interest in the other’s food.

As a general rule, it is dogs that are particularly attracted to cat food. This may be because their food contains more meat or fish, which makes the recipe more palatable and tasty, or even because of the smaller kibble size, which is often more appealing. Cats on the other hand are much more selective and the exchange is less frequent.

The fact is that it is not always easy to separate feeding bowls and they often end up eating each other’s food.

So, is it OK if my dog eats my cat’s food?

In principle, it would be fine for a dog to eat some cat food occasionally. Unless the dog has a medical condition or is sensitive to any ingredient in the cat’s diet, occasional nibbling is not a problem.

It is very different if the two live together and frequently tend to empty the cat’s bowl, even several times a day, which can be a problem, because as we said, the cat’s carnivorous origin means that its diet contains an enormous amount of protein, which can be a problem for the dog, including liver and kidney problems.

The cat’s diet is also fattier because their stomach is small and they tend to eat very little at each feeding. However, if the dog eats this food voraciously, the amount of fat it contains can be a problem, not only in terms of weight (with all that this entails) but also in terms of other secondary pathologies such as pancreatic problems.

And the problem is not only the content of the food but also that, if he eats too much cat food, he will stop eating his own food, which is the one that provides him with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals he really needs. If this is repeated over time, and if the cat’s food is too much and the cat does not eat the necessary amount of its own food, this can lead to serious deficiencies.

The solution is simple, always place the cat’s bowl at a height that the dog cannot reach and the cat can access comfortably.

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