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🐕 Tremors in dogs: 9 possible causes and their treatment👀

Causes of tremors in dogs

  • Anxiety/agitation or fear: There are animals that react to stress, discomfort or fear by trembling, we must help our pet to feel safe, with affection and support.
  • Happiness and excitement: On the other hand, those that are more nervous tend to react this way in situations of joy, such as when we return home, or they sense that the time is approaching to go for a walk.
  • Cold: There are some breeds, especially small dogs, that are much more sensitive to cold. As is obvious, if our pet is shivering with cold, we must help him to warm up, either by offering him a warm place or by providing him with blankets or even putting a coat on him if necessary and he tolerates it well.
  • REM sleep: Many owners worry when they see their pet shivering in his sleep, often shaking his paws. Don’t worry, he is dreaming deeply and it will pass on its own.
  • Fever: As happens to us, they feel cold when they have a fever and as a consequence they may shiver. It may be due to various causes such as a virus or infection and it is essential to go to the vet.
  • Digestive discomfort: nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. It is common for them to tremble at the imminence of vomiting or liquid/pasty stools. They often try not to relieve themselves at home, even when ill, and come to us trembling, indicating the need to go outside urgently. If this is repeated on a regular basis, it is likely that they have a digestive disorder, such as allergy, intolerance or some kind of digestive sensitivity or pathology, so it might be interesting (in addition to consulting your vet) to offer them a specific diet such as Lenda Sensitive.
  • Hypoglycaemia: Low blood glucose, more frequent in small dogs. It is important to have a veterinary examination to see if it is something specific or if he could have Diabetes.
  • Intoxication: If we suspect that the dog may have ingested something toxic, we should not hesitate to go to the clinic as soon as possible. In these cases, and depending on the substance, the tremor can quickly give way to a seizure.
  • Pain, osteoarthritis or age-related problems: any cause of pain can also include tremors, it is essential to look for the cause of this discomfort. In elderly dogs it is often caused by bone and joint pain. We can try to prevent this with a specific food with a prescription such as Senior-Mobility or treat it, if it is more advanced, with a natural veterinary diet such as Lenda VET Mobility-Joints, which in addition to chondroprotection, has an anti-inflammatory effect that manages to mitigate the discomfort.
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