From the sea

High quality ingredients, straight from the sea to the plate

Sea casserole

Light and refreshing hors d’oeuvre made from the delicious combination of tuna and squid, perfect to accompany the main dish.

Seafood cocktail

Appetizer with a seafood touch for those who love the contrasting flavours of the softness of the tuna with the delicious taste of the prawns.

From the land

With the best ingredients from our land

Campero pie

Duck and beef stew accompanied by delicious potatoes, seasoned with aromatic herbs. Ideal for the most demanding palates due to its intense flavour

Turchicken delicacies

The combination of turkey and chicken together with the excellent aromatic herbs makes it the lightest and mildest dish on our menu

For the little ones

The best food with the best ingredients from our land

My first bite

This duck and beef baby food, supplemented with salmon oil and aromatic herbs, is perfectly suited to the palates of the most daring and discerning puppies. It perfectly suits the palates of the most daring and demanding puppies.

My first taste

No puppy can resist the distinctive texture and delicious taste of turkey and chicken, seasoned with salmon oil and aromatic herbs.

From the sea

High quality ingredients, straight from the sea to the plate

Atlantic bites

Blue fish such as salmon and herring, straight from the sea to the plate, together with the freshness of the papaya, the bitter touch of the dandelion and the various aromatic herbs in the dressing, created a unique contrast of flavours.

From the land

The best food with the best ingredients from our land

Suckling Pig Risotto

Roast suckling pig stew which, with the fresh touch of papaya, the creaminess of the rice, the dressing of aromatic herbs such as mint and the pairing of salmon oil, it turns out delicious.

Piglet Casserole

An unexpected twist on the traditional suckling pig stew as its characteristic mildness contrasts with the strength of the pepper, the black olives and the original combination of the artichoke within the nine aromatic plants selected in our seasoning.

Farm tapenade

The flavourfulness of the duck and the mildness of the rabbit blend perfectly with the sweetness of the plum and the exuberance of the black olives. Within this rollercoaster of contrasts, the rosemary and aromatic herbs in our dressing add a
different nuance.

Provenzal turkey

Juicy portions of liver and boneless turkey meat accompanied by red pepper and rices and garnished with a sage marinade which, together with eight other aromatic herbs, ensures an unique sensory experience for the most discerning palate.

What is Lenda Foodie?

Do you remember your granny’s stew?
That is Lenda Foodie!
They are dishes cooked in their own juice, with a lot of sauce and a lot of flavour.
They are delicious and complete menus, with which you can daily feed your furry.
Your pet will appreciate it, you will see!

We use the same ingredients as you do while cooking

Our product team manages thoroughly the selection of every ingredient we use.
This careful selection of natural ingredients (all Grade A, the same standard as for human consumption) means that your furry friend can enjoy a wide variety of healthy, 100% natural recipes.

And of course, none of our recipes include colourings, preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers of chemical synthesis.
Because you don’t have to add anything to good taste.

Raw materials, the secret behind the success

The success of our recipes is due to the quality of our raw materials since we only
work with the best national and high quality ingredients.
We truly believe that it is fundamental to defend
and take care of our environment.

Because eating should not be a routine, but an experience!


How should you preserve the closed recipes?

Lenda Foodie it is also comfort
No need to freeze, defrost or worry about improperly sealed packaging.
Just be sure to store recipes in a cool, dry place to prevent heat from spoiling the contents
and texture or moisture from causing rust in the container and, that’s it!
Open, serve and enjoy!


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