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The different teams and departments responsible for the “Lenda Company” products are made up of specialist professionals of the highest level.

They cover all the areas involved in dog and cat food:
engineers, nutritionists, veterinarians, production technicians…



Our production system is based on outsourcing. Thanks to this method, our factories are the best, with the most modern and efficient technologies.

Each batch manufactured by Lenda Company is analysed in the laboratory, controlling compliance with our strict physical/chemical, organoleptic and biological quality parameters.

We continuously carry out this exhaustive monitoring on all Lenda Company recipes of its different brands.

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Lenda Company is the result of more than 30 years of passion for dogs and cats.

This passion led to the founding of a set of dynamic and modern companies, raising it, in less than 5 years, to a benchmark in pet food.

Today it occupies a prominent position in the Galician business network..

Its brands are among the most prominent in Spain and have managed to spread to more than 24 countries.

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Values and commitments

We are committed to the environment and society. This means that we base our company strategy in the responsability. Therefore, we have implemented multiple CSR programmes with which we intend to achieve our economic, social and environmental objectives.

We are highly aware of the new social realities that require business involvement and participation, assuming commitments. We are also aware of the social significance of our actions and of our capacity to contribute to achieving a fairer and more sustainable world.


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